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Mr Solomon Okhionkpamwonyi, Engine Lubricity Monitoring of Plain Journal Bearings

Project Title:

Email: Solomon.okhionkpamwonyi@hud.ac.uk

Mr Rongfeng Deng, Vision-based Dynamic Measurements of Wind Turbine Blades

Project Title:

Email: Rongfeng.Deng2@hud.ac.uk

Mr Shiqing Huang, Investigation of Novel Vibro-acoustic Sensing Methods based on MetaMaterials for Online Condition Monitoring
Mr Weijie Tang, An Intelligent Condition Monitoring Robot based on LED indoor Positioning and Acoustic Array Signal Processing
Miss Zhexiang Zou, Instantaneous Electrical Signal Analysis for Online Monitoring of Machining Operations
Mr Yubin Lin, Novel Metamaterials for The Vibration Isolation of A Drone Based Condition Monitoring System
Miss Chun Li, Intelligent Machining based on Dynamic Characteristics of Spindle Rotors
Mr Xinfeng Zou, A Study on Multi-signals response on Additive Manufacturing for Condition Monitoring
Mr Huanqing Han, Modeling and Analyzing Vibration Responses of Industrial Robots for Condition Monitoring
Miss Yanling Cao, Intelligent Dynamic Visions for Remote Infrastructure Condition Monitoring
Mr Lichang Gu

Email: Lichang.Gu@hud.ac.uk

Research interests: Research on thermal and vibration coupling effects of multi-physics metamaterials for the energy recovery to power up wireless condition monitoring systems

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