TEPEN-ICF2021 Awards

Thanks for those who applied for the TEPEN international collabration fund (ICF) this year. After evaluation by senior members in TEPEN, the TEPEN-ICF2021 will be awarded to the following five projects. Each project will receive £2,000 and the successful applicants will be contacted shortly. We hope the fund will stimulate the collabrations among project applicants.

Title of proposalApplicant
Wind turbine health management with remote visions and physics-informed deep learning technologiesDr. Zijun Zhang (Associate Professor at City University of Hong Kong)
Mr. Rongfeng Deng (Senior Lecturer of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai)
Assessment of defective valve in reciprocating compressor at different speeds and discharge pressure using acoustic emission (AE) techniqueDr. Rahizar Ramli (Associate Professor at University of Malaya)
Dr. Guojin Feng (Lecturer at Hebei University of Technology)
Research &  development of advanced condition monitoring systems for  high power (80MW. To 750 Mw, hydro turbo alternators (Kaplan & francis type), by means of vibration analysis and angular/time sampling and autoespectral correlation.Prof.  Oscar García Peyrano ( Expert Professor at Balseiro Institute, Cuyo University)
Dr. Chao Zhang (Associate Professor at Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology)
Unobtrusive sensing for real-time tool condition monitoringProf. Shucong  Liu (Professor at Beijing Information Science and Technology University)
Prof. Surjya K Pal (Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Early Warning Technology for Predicting Rock Burst in Traffic TunnelsDr. Jinxin Wang (China University of Mining and Technology)
Dr. Wenxian Yang (Newcastle University)

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