Gearbox Test Rig

Test rig description

The rig has following key components and devices
  • AC driver for providing speed
  • DC generator for providing load
  • Gearbox 1 (two-stage gearbox) for reducing speed
  • Gearbox 2 (two-stage gearbox) for increasing speed
  • Variable speed drive and load controller (VSD-LC)


The measurements in the test rig including an encoder for motor speed, two microphone for acoustic signal, two accelerometer for vibration signal, a thermocouple for oil temperature, three current and three voltage transducers for motor electricity, an infrared camera for heat distribution on gearbox body. All these data are acquired with a 24-bit, 16-channel, synchronous Data Acquisition (DAQ) system at a sampling rate of 96 kHz.

Typical Fault simulation

The test rig can simulate several typical faults, including gearbox faults, shaft faults and other faults as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Typical fault simulation

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