Postpone of TEPEN 2021 & IncoME-VI conference due to COVID-19

Still accepting paper submissions and conference registration

Registration of the conference follows a simple procedure. Once you submit your final version through the EasyChair system, you will receive an Email confirming your paper acceptance. After this, please kindly fill the registration form to let us know the authors to attend the conference.

  • Everyone attending the conference either in person or virtually online should fill the above registration form. If more than one author will attend the conference, please every attendee fills the form.
  • To have your paper included in the conference program, please kindly finish the above registration form before October 15, 2021 and make sure at least one author attends the conference to give the presentations.
  • If you are presenting more than one paper, please fill the above form for each paper that you will present.

Registration fees

Due to the influence of COVID-19, the TEPEN 2021 & IncoME-VI will be held in a combined format, including both in person and virtually online attendance. The table below shows the registration fee for different situations. If you are unclear about the fees for your case, please kindly drop an Email to or call Dr Hao Zhang at +86-13821425071.

The conference organizer will arrange accomodation and meals but the attendees need to pay the transportation, meals and accomodation fees. (会议统一安排食宿 ,交通食宿费自理)。

Registration TypeEarly Registration
(before July 17, 2021)
Late Registration
(before Aug 7, 2021)
Standard (in person)US$ 380 (¥2500)US$ 460 (¥3000)
Standard (online)US$ 300 (¥2000)US$ 360 (¥2400)
Student (in person) US$ 190 (¥1250)US$ 230 (¥1500)
Student (online)US$ 150 (¥1000)US$ 180 (¥1200)
Registration fee in TEPEN 2021 & IncoME-VI conference

Paying registration fees

Registration fees can be paid in four ways, including one international payment method and three payment methods in China. Please keep a receipt of your payment.

International attendee

Please make payment to the bank account below. If there is any questions, please feel free to Email to or call Dr Hao Zhang at +86-13821425071.

Please note down the following information for our reference when making the payment.

If you are an author of a paper: TEPEN2021+Paper ID+Your name

If you are not an author: TEPEN2021+Your name

If you are making the payment for multiple attendees, please include the name of attendees and total number of attendees: TEPEN2021+Author1, Author2, Author3 (3).

Note: If your bank only allows you to type in limited characters in the beneficiary’s name, please remark the full name of the company. Otherwise, the payment might be rejected.

Attendee in China

For attendees in China, we have provided three methods. For easier understanding, the payment informaiton are expressed in Chinese.


  • 汇款备注(有论文): TEPEN2021+论文编号+姓名
  • 汇款备注(无论文): TEPEN2021+姓名
  • 若多人一起汇款,请注明全部姓名及人数。如TEPEN2021+张三、李四、王五(3人)。若有多篇论文,论文编号请用逗号隔开。





Hotel reservation

The conference has recommended the Chonpines Hotel at Tianjinnan (非繁城品,天津南站店) for your stay. We can help reserve the hotel rooms if you want to stay in this hotel. The price for one room (either double bed or large bed) is 328 RMB including breakfast. Please kindly indicate your preference in the registration form if you want us to help reserve rooms.

TEPEN is proud to be associated with JDMD

TEPEN 2022

To be held by

Beijing Information Science & Technology University

Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology

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