Proceedings of IncoME-V & CEPE Net-2020

[1] A Numerical Analysis of Internal Radial Clearances on Affecting Vibration of Rolling Element Bearings with Local Defects
Minmin Xu, Yimin Shao, Yaoyao Han, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[2] An Experiment Study of Acoustic Emission Generated by Dynamic Fluid Asperity Shearing
Jiaojiao Ma, Zhanqun Shi, Hao Zhang, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[3] Experimental Research on Additive-Manufacturing Metamaterials Applied to Vibration Mitigation
Shiqing Huang, Yubin Lin, Lichang Gu, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[4] Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Human Arch Type Vibration Isolation System
Hongguang Deng, Xindu Chen, PingYu Zhu, and Wen Zheng
[5] Approximate Optimal Cost and Policies of First Passage Markov Decision Processes with Countable-State Space and Discount Factors
Xiao Wu and Yanqiu Tang
[6] Investigating the Effects of Lubrication on Wheel-Track Dynamic Interaction via Experiments on a Twin Disc Test Rig
Fulong Liu, Rongfeng Deng, Fengshou Gu, Philip Shackleton, and Andrew Ball
[7] Fault Representations of Bearing Race Based on Grayscale Maps and CNN Networks
Zeyu Luo, Xian-Bo Wang, and Zhi-Xin Yang
[8] Wavelet Package Denoising of Acoustic Emission Signals for Lubrication Oil Monitoring in Engine Systems
Nasha Wei, Zhi Chen, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[9] Overview of Tunnel Detection Technology
Chun Li, Weibiao Chen, Rongfeng Deng, and Qi Han
[10] Research on Online Monitoring Technology of 3D Printing Faults in Fused Deposition Molding
Chun Li, Lianghua Zeng, Yubin Lin, and Fengshou Gu
[11] A Hybrid Framework for a Reliability Improvement of a Rolling Stock Door Subsystem
Frederick Appoh, Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo, Jyoti Kumar Sinha, and Moray Kidd
[12] Experimental and Simulation Investigations on Spray Characteristics and Influential Factors for the In-Cylinder Mixture Formation of Diesel Engines
Xiwen Deng, Hao Chen, and Dewen Jia
[13] Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Properties of DC Charging Cables for Electric Vehicles
Li Lin, Xiao Zhiyong, and Lu Guiping
[14] Design of Slipper Pair Based on Oil Film Dynamic Lubrication Mechanism
Baoshan Huang, Fanbiao Bao, Chao Wei, and Zaishang Luo
[15] Multiscale Predictive Modelling of Critical Undeformed Chip Thickness
Xuezhen Wang, Daiyi Mo, Shifei Zhang, and Fanbiao Bao
[16] Overall Design of Dual Energy Source Power System of Automobile
Fanbiao Bao, Chun Li, and Jianwei Ye
[17] Theoretical Validation of Experimental Rotor Fault Detection Model Previously Developed
Natalia F. Espinoza Sepulveda and Jyoti K. Sinha
[18] Getting Value from Predictive Maintenance
Thomas Frost, Nils Moser, Jan Nöcker, and Leonid Zhukov
[19] Vibration Analysis Based Condition Monitoring for Industrial Robots
Huanqing Han, Yubin Lin, Lichang Gu, Yuandong Xu, and Fengshou Gu
[20] Research on Fault Diagnosis and Detection of On-Line Monitoring Equipment Based on Internet of Things
Guiping Lu, Jiaran Liang, Zeyu Shentu, Wenxiong Wu, Minghao He, Zhiyong Xiao, and Jianke Li
[21] Fault Diagnosis of Reciprocating Compressors Based on Thermal Imaging and Support Vector Machines
Rongfeng Deng, Yubin Lin, Weijie Tang, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[22] Dynamic Models for Local Faults on Rolling Element Bearings: A Review
Qing Xiong, Yongjian Li, Zhiwei Wang, Yanhai Xu, Yingmou Zhu, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[23] Torsional Vibration Characteristics of Wind Turbine Gear Systems Based on Inherent Randomness
Chao Fu, Guojin Feng, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew David Ball
[24] An Intelligent Prediction Model for Bottleneck in Production System Based on Cloud Manufacturing
Yongyang Zhang, Lianghua Zeng, Engao Peng, Zhenkun Luo, and Da-wei Zhou
[25] Optical Caliper Systems Based on Machine Vision
Chen Ting
[26] Current Analysis Using a Modulation Signal Bispectrum for Machining Status Monitoring
Zhexiang Zou, Shiqing Huang, Xinfeng Zou, Yubin Lin, Fengshou Gou, and Andrew D. Ball
[27] Helical Gear Wear Prediction Under the Mixed Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Regime
Xiuquan Sun, Ruiliang Zhang, Tie Wang, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[28] A High-Efficiency Energy Harvesting by Using Hydraulic Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorber
Muhammad Yousaf Iqbal, Zhifei Wu, Wang Tie, Guoxing Li, Ji Zhiyong, and Hu GuiCheng
[29] Study on Dynamics Modeling and Vibration Characteristics of Sliding Bearings
Engao Peng, Yongyang Zhang, and Zhenkun Luo
[30] Comparative Study of Vibration and Acoustic Emission Strategies Applied on Monitoring of Diesel Engine Fault
Solomon Okhionkpamwonyi, Guoxing Li, Yuandong Xu, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[31] A Case Study of Anomaly Detection Based on Industrial Monitoring Data in Petrochemical Process
Xiaoxia Liang, Fang Duan, Ian. Bennett, and David Mba
[32] An Investigation of the Vibration Responses in a 3D Printing Process for Online Condition Monitoring
Xinfeng Zou, Lianghua Zeng, Fengshou Gu, Siqin Pang, and Andrew Ball
[33] Correlation Issues and Strategies of SFR Test of Mobile Phone Camera AA Process
Changju Liao and Runmin Hu
[34] Calibration and Test of a Single Gantry Pick and Place Machine
Jun Liu, Run Ming Hu, Allen Yu, and Fanbiao Bao
[35] Vibration Isolation System of Test Equipment
Xueming Yue, Yin Wang, and Fanbiao Bao
[36] Research on Design of Solar Direct Drive Single Cargg
Song Changsen, Wu Mingyou, Yang Libin, Peng You, and Song Yanzhang
[37] Design of Active Balance Management System for Energy Storage Battery
Song Changsen, Wu Mingyou, Yang Libin, Liu Huinan, and Song Yanzhang
[38] Design and Analysis of a Gesture Remote-Controlled Pick-Up Car Based on ARM
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, and Ruan Weijie
[39] Design and Analysis of an Arduino-Based Intelligent Sorting Warehouse Control System
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, and Li Jiahong
[40] Design and Analysis of Hexapod Bionic Robot Control System
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, Yang Libin, and Yang Tianyi
[41] Design and Research of Control System of Gesture Manipulator
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, Yang Libin, and Lin Jingwei
[42] Design and Analysis of Special-Shaped Automatic Plug-In Machine Control System
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, Yang Libin, and Liu Weiming
[43] Design and Analysis of Spider-Like Robot Control System
Wu Mingyou, Song Changsen, and Zhuang Weijie
[44] A Mobile Robot Based Monitoring Platform for Pipeline Leakage Diagnosis Based on Cross-correlation Analysis
Weijie Tang, Guocai Zhang, Fengshou Gu, and Xiaoli Tang
[45] Explore the On-Site X-Ray Detection Technology
Qi Han, Jin Zhou, Chun Li, Jin-yong Wu, and Jiang-yong Luo
[46] Research on Fault Analysis and Prediction Algorithm Based on Delta 3D Printer
Lianghua Zeng and Xinfeng Zou
[47] The Design of a Rotary Wheel Servo Valve
Yang Libin, Chen Yanqiu, Song Changsen, and Wu Mingyou
[48] Comparison of Propellers and Reduction of Vibration in Four-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Minghao He, Wenke Fan, Xinyan Yin, Lin Li, Na Liu, Weiqiang Mo, and Huanqing Han
[49] Application of Teager Energy for Broken Rotor bar Fault Detection Based on the Motor Current Signature Analysis
Haiyang Li, Funso Otuyemi, Guojin Feng, Dong Zhen, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[50] EPS System Modeling with Three Speed Based Control Modes
Chunyang Lee
[51] Weak Fault Enhancement Method for Bearing Fault Diagnosis by Using MWS Stochastic Resonance
Chao Zhang, Haoran Duan, Jianguo Wang, Fengshou Gu, and Biao Zhang
[52] Speed Sensorless Vector Control Based on Variable Structure of an Asynchronous Motor Using Neural Network Speed Estimation
Shaoyong Cao, Xinfeng Zou, and Zhi Huang
[53] Intelligent Flaw Detection of X-ray Images Based on Deep Learning
Yang Shen, Hongye Liu, Jintai Zhang, Zhicong Lin, Liting Wu, Wei Ying, Ruinan Zhong, Yong You, and Ling Chen
[54] Research on the Method of Improving the Balance Rate of Multi Work Element Production Line Based on 0–1 Integer Programming
Jidong Guo, Rongfeng Deng, Xinzai Deng, Ruyu Zhang, Simin Chen, Yunyan Chen, and Dawei Zhou
[55] Machine-Vision Based Defect Detection Technology for Industrial Fabric Alignment
Yanling Cao
[56] Research on Vision Based Diagnosis and Correction Technology of Crystal Spatial Posture Deviation
Yanling Cao
[57] Vibration Based Virtual Sensing of Nitrogen Oxide Emission in CI Engines
Guoxing Li, Ahmed Elmi Sahal, Fengshou Gu, Tie Wang, Wenlong Zhang, Tiantian Hu, and Tiantian Yang
[58] Study on Linear Quadratic Regulator of High-Speed Elevator Car Horizontal Vibration Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Tichang Jia, Qin He, and Ruijun Zhang
[59] Vibration Signature Analysis for Broken Rotor Bar Diagnosis in Induction Motors Based on Cyclic Modulation Spectrum
Zuolu Wang, Haiyang Li, Dong Zhen, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[60] A Systematic Analysis of Research Based Evidences of Major Overhauls, Outages, Shutdowns, Turnarounds (MoOSTs) Management
Lilian Iheukwumere-Esotu and Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo
[61] Modelling the Effect of Surface Roughness on Pressure Profiles in Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings
Jiaojiao Ma, Hao Zhang, Zhanqun Shi, Fulong Liu, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[62] Finite Frequency H1 Control for Active Guide Shoe of High-Speed Elevator with Actuator Delay
Chen Chen, Ruijun Zhang, and Qing Zhang
[63] Study on Hole-Wall Temperature Measurements During Drilling of Carbon Fiber Composites
Xiaonan Jiang, Pingyu Zhu, Shuaibin Wang, and Marcelo A. Soto
[64] Quasi-distributed Temperature Monitoring Inside a Gas Capillary of a Chromatograph Using a Series of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Pingyu Zhu, Jinnuo Lv, Jiang Wu, Shun Liu, and Marcelo A. Soto
[65] Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Kernel Density Estimation Based on Adaptive Window Width
Hui Shi, Hui Kang, Zhizhuang Zhang, Xiuquan Sun, and Fengshou Gu
[66] Reciprocating Compressor Fault Diagnosis Based on Airborne Acoustic Signal: Comparison Study Between Modulation Signal Bi-spectrum and Teager Energy Spectrum Method
Debanjan Mondal, Ruicheng Feng, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[67] A Convolutional Neural Network for Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis Based on Fast Independent Component Analysis
Guangxin Li, Yong Chen, Wenqing Wang, Rui Liu, and Fengshou Gu
[68] A Model-Based Iteration Method of the Estimation for the Bearings Dynamic Coefficients
Yang Kang, Zizhen Qiu, Hao Zhang, Zhanqun Shi, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[69] Investigation into the Sideband Vibro-Acoustics of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with Different PWM Strategies
Zizhen Qiu, Yang Kang, Haiquan Cheng, Guangxin Li, Yong Chen, and Fengshou Gu
[70] Mecanum Wheeled Mobile Platform Odometry Error Analysis and Correction
Sibo Quan and Jianwu Chen
[71] AGV Data Acquisition and Simulation Model Modification of Foaming Ceramic Production Line Based on Plant Simulation
Hao Liang, Jinxing Lu, Su Kuang, and Jianhua Tao
[72] A Study on Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using a Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm
Yaoyao Han, Xiaohui Chen, Minmin Xu, and Fengshou Gu
[73] Broken Rotor Bar Fault Detection Working at a Low Slip Using Harmonic Order Tracking Analysis Based on Motor Current Signature Analysis
Funso Otuyemi, Haiyang Li, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[74] Stability and Frequency Analysis for Inertia Asymmetry Rotor Based on Hill Method
Di Liu, Chao Li, YanHong Ma, and Jie Hong
[75] Helicopter Planet Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on ModulationSignal Bispectrum Analysis
Baoshan Huang, Yuandong Xu, David Mba, Xiaochuan Li, Niaoqing Hu, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[76] CNC Machine Health Monitoring and Parameter Optimizing Based on Vibration Features of Spindle
Su Kuang, Junhao Wu, Junming Li, and Jianhua Tao
[77] Spindle Status Monitoring and Fault Feature Information Acquisition Based on Rotor Sensing
Zerui Liu, Hongjun Wang, Yongjian Ji, Fengshou Gu, and Yuandong Xu
[78] Equipment Health Condition Recognition and Prediction Based on CNN-LSTM Deep Learning
Hongjun Wang, Shenghua Fu, Baoying Peng, Nan Wang, and Hongli Gao
[79] Room Acoustic Quality Indicator and a Cost-Effective Measurement Solution
Xiaoyu Zhao and Guojin Feng
[80] A Comparative Study of Acoustic and Vibration Signals for Bearing Fault Detection and Diagnosis Based on MSB Analysis
Alsadak Daraz, Samir Alabied, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[81] Research on Robot Assembly Line Balancing Considering Energy Consumption
Feng Haotian and Wang Hongjun
[82] Investigating into Minimum Detectable Displacement Signal in Image-Based Vibration Measurement
Miaoshuo Li, Guojin Feng, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew Ball
[83] A Modified Activation Function for Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Its Application to Condition Monitoring
Ibrahim Alqatawneh, Khalid Rabeyee, Chao Zhang, Guojin Feng, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew D. Ball
[84] Vibration Monitoring of Turning a Shaft on a Lathe Based on Signals from an On-Rotor Sensor
Bing Li, Lichang Gu, Yubin Lin, Zhexiang Zou, Siqin Pang, Kaibo Lu, Guojin Feng, Fengshou Gu, and Andrew. D. Ball
[85] Research on Optimization of Production Line of Type a Product
Jidong Guo, Kangzhong Chen, Rui Zheng, Wanting Zhang, Weihuai Li, Yuwei Mo, and Dawei Zhou

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