Micro Wind Turbine Test Rig

Micro wind turbine test rig
Measurement system setup
Test rig description

The micro wind turbine test rig is setup outdoor on a farm located in Lancashire, United Kingdom. It runs continuously all the year around. As shown in Figure 1, it mainly includes a TESUP wind turbine (rated power 2kW), a Victron inverter, a controller and a 48V battery storage system.


The signals measured from the test rig include, three phase voltage and current, four channel of battery voltage and one channel current signal. All signals are acquired with a 16-bit, 16-channel, Data Acquisition (DAQ) system at a sampling frequency of 20 kHz.

An IP camera is also equipped, allowing to view the wind turbine remotely. The monitoring data are collected continuously and processed locally on the monitoring computer to extract features, which are then forwarded to the cloud system every 10 seconds. In addition, raw monitoring data are uploaded to the cloud system every 30 minutes for backup and advanced analysis purposes.

The monitoring features and raw monitoring data can be accessed and downloaded on the monitoring website.

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