TEPEN Conferences

TEPEN Executive Board

  • 2019 TEPEN Establishment: Andrew Ball, Fulei Chu, Fengshou Gu, Baoshan Huang, Dong Zhen, Hao Zhang, Rongfeng Deng.
  • 2020 TEPEN Executive Board Chairs: Baoshan Huang, Rongfeng Deng, Dong Zhen, Andrew Ball
  • 2021 TEPEN Executive Board Chairs: Dong Zhen, Hongjun Wang, Rongfeng Deng, Hao Zhang, Fengshou Gu
  • 2022 TEPEN Executive Board Chairs: Hongjun Wang, Chao Zhang, Guojin Feng, Hao Zhang, Fengshou Gu

TEPEN Conference Held

TEPEN holds an annual conference since 2019, which will be hosted by memebers from different universities. This allows TEPEN members to meet, share research outputs and also discuss future collabration opportunities.

TEPEN 2022 was held by Beijing Information Science & Technology University (BISTU) and Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology (IMUST)

TEPEN 2021 was held by Hebei University of Technology

TEPEN 2021 conference is held by Hebei University of Technology

TEPEN 2020 was held on line by Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhuhai

TEPEN 2020 online conference

TEPEN 2019 was held by Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhuhai

Opening of CEPE China Hub

TEPEN is proud to be associated with JDMD

The UNIfied Conference of DAMAS, InCoME and TEPEN Conferences

29th August - 1st September 2023