Keynote speeches

The presentation slides of the keynote speeches have been added and can be downloaded from corresponding links.

Prof. Jyoti Sinha

Vibration Measurements and Analysis to enhance Plant Reliability (click link to download keynote slides)

Programme Director, MSc Reliability Engineering and Asset Management (REAM) , University of Manchester, UK .His research area is Vibration and Structural Dynamics by both Experiments and Analysis including FE model updating, Vibration control, and Health Monitoring techniques. Prof. Sinha has started a series of IncoME conferences from 2016.

Prof. Stephan Heyns

Vibration based condition monitoring of rotating machinery under variable operating conditions (Available on request at

Director of the Centre for Asset Integrity Management , University of Pretoria, South Africa.His current work includes structural integrity monitoring in turbomachinery using non-contact measurement, gear and bearing condition monitoring, and the use of optical measurement techniques for structural integrity assessment.

Prof. Zhixin Yang

Multiscale Urban Electromechanical Infrastructure Safety Monitoring Towards Internet of Intelligent Things (Available on request at

Associate Professor, State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City, Director of Research Service and Knowledge Transfer Office, University of Macau.His research interests include Internet of Things based prognostic health management, data-driven fault diagnosis, and intelligent robotics control. He acted as guest editor for reputable journals. Prof. Yang received the first State Scientific Innovation and Pioneer Award, a national level honour in China.

Prof. Zhuo Li

When 5G and Edge Computing Meets Industrial IoT (click link to download keynote slides)

Vice Dean of Graduate School of Beijing Information Science and Technology University.His research interest focuses on the areas of mobile and wireless communication, distributed computing, and social computing. He has published more than 100 papers, and received two Best Paper Awards from international conferences, respectively. His research has been funded by NSFC, Beijing Municipal Program for Top Talent, etc.

Dr. Guoxing Li

Modelling of tribo -dynamic behaviours and its application in mechanical fault diagnosis (click link to download keynote slides)

Associate Professor, Taiyuan University of Technology, China .His main research interests include tribo -dynamics modelling, non-intrusive mechanical fault diagnosis and signal processing. He is currently working on numerical modelling of tribo -dynamic behaviours between piston and cylinder liners, non-intrusive diagnosis of cylinder cavitation failure and thermal management of piston assemblies.

Dr. Tianyang Wang

Meshing demodulation and scaling basis chirplet transform for wind turbine planetary gearbox fault detection (click link to download keynote slides)

Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University, China .Dr. Tianyang Wang is currently working in the field of fault diagnosis and signal analysis of large rotating machinery, such as wind turbines and aero engines. His research directions include modern signal processing, dynamic modelling, artificial intelligence, and pattern recognition. He is a peer reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Mechanical systems and signal processing and Journal of Sound and Vibration etc.

Dr. Wenbo Duan

Latest development in buried pipeline non-destructive testing (click link to download keynote slides)

Senior Lecturer (Fellow of Higher Education Academy ) , University of Hertfordshire, UK .He is currently working on numerical modelling of piezoelectric structure coupled excitation problems, non-destructive testing of composite materials, surface wave non-destructive testing.

Dr Wei Wang

Nonlinear Energy Harvesting Technology and Its Applications (click link to download keynote slides)

Associate Professor , Tianjin University, China.Dr Wei Wang a Vice Director of the Department of Mechanics. His research interests mainly include nonlinear energy harvesting technology, acoustic metamaterials, data-driven modelling, and dynamic behaviour analysis of strongly nonlinear systems.

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