Rotor Bearing Test Rig

Rotor bearing test rig

Test rig description

As is shown in the figure, the shaft is connected with an AC inductor motor through a torque transducer with two elastic element couplings. The SA35M journal bearings are adopted as the tested bearings. The rotational speed is controlled via the inverter. A hydraulic device is used to apply the radial load through a cylindrical roller bearing on the shaft. A rubber gasket is placed between them in order to avoid the generation of impulses.


Accelerometer with wide frequency response from 1 Hz to higher than 10 kHz are mounted on the housing to acquire its broadband vibration. Other sensors installed in the test rig include two thermoplastic, two laser displacement transducers, a pressure sensor and an encoder.

Typical fault description

The experiment can be carried out under different speed, different load (constant load, variable load), different temperature, different lubricating medium, different lubrication area detection, exhausted oil test. The faults can be simulated with the burns, wear faults (journals and bearings), oil pollution (water pollution), particle pollution), misalignment.

Key publications

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