Purpose and Value

  1. The TEPEN International Collaboration Fund is aimed at TEPEN members who want to establish or grow collaborations worldwide
  2. The fund is intended to assist with international collaboration costs (travel, subsistence, consumables, etc)
  3. Proposals are fixed at a value of £2k per project
    • do not bid for any other amount!
  4. It is anticipated that 3 proposals will be funded each year

Eligibility and Terms

  1. Applications are invited from any academic members of the TEPEN Network
  2. Proposals must involve at least 2 academic institutions, in different countries (industrial / end-user collaborators can also be included)
  3. Successful applicants will be notified and the money will be released 4 weeks after the annual TEPEN conference
  4. All projects must be of 12-18 months duration, with the money spent in full within this period
    • Do not bid for projects of other durations!

Application and Assessment

  1. To apply, a simple 1-page application form must be completed, which can be downloaded here
    • Do not exceed 1-page!
  2. Assessment of proposals will be made by a small group of senior TEPEN members
  3. Assessment will focus on:
    • the research strength of the proposal
    • the backgrounds of the applicants
    • the anticipated research outcomes
    • any other mutual benefits of the collaboration

TEPEN is proud to be associated with JDMD

The UNIfied Conference of DAMAS, InCoME and TEPEN Conferences

29th August - 1st September 2023