Lathe test rig

Figure 1 Lathe test rig

Figure 2 Transmission system structure of the lathe

Test rig description

The measurements of the test rig (Figure 1) including a universal lathe (CZ6132A), an On Rotor Sensor (ORS) for triaxial acceleration signal, a microphone for acoustic signal, an accelerometer for vibration signal, a current transducer for AC motor electricity, an infrared camera for heat distribution on turning process. In addition to ORS, these data are acquired with a 24-bit, 4-channel, synchronous Data Acquisition (DAQ) system at a sampling rate of 3200Hz.


The lathe transmission system as shown in Figure 2, is driven by three-phase AC asynchronous motor and is driven to the headstock by a pulley. When the clutch is combined, the spindle is driven by gears in gearbox. Machine processing and device status can be monitored by one or more sensors.

Typical monitoring parameters

No.Influent factorTypical monitoring parameters
1Clamping wayOne end fixed, the other free; One end fixed, the other pinned with tailstock.
2Workpiece diameter8mm~22mm.
3Depth of cut0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm.
4Cutter toolTool wear, tool type.
5Drive system failureGearbox fault, Motor faults, bearing faults, belt aging, tension problems

Key publications

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