International Keynote Seminar Organised Jointly by TEPEN and Hebei University of Technology

Aiming at sharing research information during this special period of coronavirus pandemic, an online International Keynote Seminar is being organised jointly by TEPEN and Hebei University of Technology.

This event will last in the next two weeks to deliver a number of keynote speeches from leading researchers worldwide. It will highlight latest progress in condition monitoring, fault diagnostics and prognostics, followed by open discussions on these hot subjects widely interested in the fields.

The seminar programme is arranged as follows.

On December 3rd, two keynotes were given by Prof Andrew Ball and Prof Fengshou Gu from University of Huddersfield, UK. The speeches, involving the role of data science machinery diagnostics and prognostics and the latest research outcomes and challenges in the vibroacoustics of hydrodynamic lubrications for condition monitoring and diagnostics, have received great attention with many feedbacks.

On December 4th, Prof Stephan Heyns, from University of Pretoria, South Africa, gave a wonderful report on Vibration based condition monitoring of rotating machinery under variable operating conditions. He introduced the challenges and latest research outcomes in condition monitoring of rotating machinery under variable operating conditions, and kindly answered questions from other researchers.

On December 10th, two keynote speeches were included in the seminar. Dr Bo Liang, from University of Huddersfield, UK, gave the presentation of Modelling and simulating of pantograph-catenary and condition monitoring for high speed train. Dr Yuhua Li, from Cardiff University, UK, introduced the Novelty detection using level set methods for model learning and fault classification.

Today, the last keynote speaker Prof Jianping Li, from University of Bradford, UK, introduced the current development of optimisation algorithm and presented the novel applications of multimodal optmisation with species conserving techniques to different engineering designs.

Finally, the International Keynote Seminar was closed along with being successfully held online by TEPEN and Hebei University of Technology. Many thanks to all the experts and participants for their dedication to the success of this international seminar.

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