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Wonderful Presentation by Professor Qian Ding

In today’s seminar, Professor Qian Ding, a visiting scholar from Tianjin University, China, delivered an engaging presentation titled “Advancements in Vibration Applications in Engineering.” The event took place in the meeting room of CEPE. Professor Ding introduced the practical applications…

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Professor Weihua Zhang Visits UoH

Professor Weihua Zhang, director of the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power at Southwest Jiaotong University, visited the University on 26th May 2023. Prof Andrew Ball extends a very warm welcome to Prof Zhang and issued a ‘Visiting Professor Certificate‘…

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Wonderful Presentation from Prof Surjya K Pal

In today’s seminar, the visiting Prof Surjya K Pal from the Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India delivers a wonderful presentation titled ‘Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Research‘ in the lab. Prof Surjya shares his rich knowledge and experiences in the area…

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International Keynote Seminar Organised Jointly by TEPEN and Hebei University of Technology

Aiming at sharing research information during this special period of coronavirus pandemic, an online International Keynote Seminar is being organised jointly by TEPEN and Hebei University of Technology. This event will last in the next two weeks to deliver a…

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Dumpling Party for Chinese New Year in 2020

On Jan 24, 2020, the CEPE group holds a dumpling party for the Chinese New Year. The staff, PhD students, visiting scholars and their family members prepared a variety of food. Some colleagues from the school are also invited to…

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