Wonderful Presentation by Professor Qian Ding

In today’s seminar, Professor Qian Ding, a visiting scholar from Tianjin University, China, delivered an engaging presentation titled “Advancements in Vibration Applications in Engineering.” The event took place in the meeting room of CEPE. Professor Ding introduced the practical applications of vibration in engineering contexts such as aerospace engines, rockets, and high-speed trains. He specifically highlighted topics like mechanical metamaterials, acoustic black holes, and data-driven research.

Most of our colleagues actively participated both in-person and online. This captivating presentation generated significant interest among the audience, leading to numerous insightful questions. Discussions revolved around efficient utilization of acoustic black hole principles and mechanical metamaterials, as well as the integration of this technology with our ongoing research for more accurate condition monitoring.

Professor Qian Ding provided thorough answers to each question, concluding the seminar with enthusiastic discussions.

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